I don't know much about cars, and even less what it takes to fix them and bring them back to new condition. What I do know is that any time one of my vehicles or my family's vehicles needs repair I am confident that Paul and the people at Blackstone auto are more than capable of getting me back on the road quickly.

I strongly recommend Blackstone auto service to anyone looking for a facility to repair their vehicle.

Michael Berrington, Client

With all the choices I had for where to bring my car, I'm glad I finally decided on Blackstone auto. Their long history and solid reputation ultimately made my decision easy. If I was to recommend any body shop to a friend or family member it would be blackstoneauto.


Kevin Dutton, Client

I have a 2001 Dodge Dakota, it was hit pretty hard in the front end and I thought there was no way it could be repaired. I brought it in on a Monday, and about a week and a half later I was proudly driving it down the road thanks to the guys at blackstoneauto.


Mr. John Anderson, Designer